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Is Trading and Predicting in Foreign Exchange Haraam?

Hello /Islam, I had a question that was bugging me and I was wondering whether or not what I was doing is Haraam or not.
So I trade the Foreign Exchange (Forex) and analyse and "predict" "future" market movements, now I was wondering since I am "predicting" the future (in Financial Markets) and In a way "gambling/betting" [Since you 'can't ever be 101% certain in FX' ;)] my money in the 'hope' that I am right, are these activities considered Haraam when put into the context they are in?
For example here I had "predicted" some possible outcomes and placed money [betted/gambled - technically] on them in the markets:
"Prediction 1"
"Prediction 2"
"Prediction 3"
Since they have come true and also since when someone "predicts" something they technically have made a pact with the Jinn, and that is Haraam. Also I was reading the Holy Quran today and came across the following verse which furthered my curiosity on whether it included predicting future market movements? Or does it concern "other future events" taking place?
"Say: None in the Heavens and the Earth knows the Ghaib(Unseen) except Allah, nor can they perceive when they shall be resurrected." (al-Naml 27-65)
My reason to think it is not Haraam stems from this:
Al-Kattaabi said: The Prophet(Pbuh) explained that the reason why the fortuneteller sometimes get's it right is that the Jinn tells him something that he has heard by eavesdropping on the angels and he adds lies to that to embellish what he heard. So occasionally he gets it right but usually it is wrong. Fath al-Baari, 10.219,220
This is because I haven't added lies or been told by Jinns about future events in the markets, unless my father is a Jinn, since I learned trading from him, but this ^ makes me think trading is not Haraam.
Now I know certain brokers offer "Islamic Accounts" etc where you aren't charged interest for swaps etc. but that is not what concerns me, what concerns me more is whether or not what I do day in day out is Haraam & the money I earn from this is Haraam? :|
Please excuse my behaviour and language if you have seen me be inappropriate anywhere on the interweb as we all have flaws and strive to be the best we can despite these setbacks. :'{
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What do i need to know to write a programm that uses my "tactic"

First of all, yet i do not have a techniqe/tactic i use.
I'm reading on the interwebs that using a programm you wrote on your own that implements your tactic is seen over a long term to pay of more. At least from my point of view because i think i would be quite emotional. But i would need to be rational.
So lets assume i would have the know how about forex traiding (which im actually trying to gather these days and im aware that experiece is a key point), where would i get started with this. I have trouble finding the first good google search request that brings me on the wave to lerning :)
My first little project would be this: I target as my trading site and use their api. Then when i buy something with my programm over kraken, i'll have a dataset of the purchase and let it calcualte the profits by the difference of the price i used to bought and the current price. If the prices are about +/- 20% of the buying price, it will sell automaticly.
So maybe there is some of you that is actually doing what i would like to do and could share a little bit.
Critiqe, suggestions.. everything is welcomed here.
I would use JS with PHP or Nodejs to do so.
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USDJPY: what are you?

I've been trawling the interwebs for insights on opinions regarding the direction of the USDJPY. We could be into a deep pullback around 105.40 for a push higher (current weekly hammer is giving this signal), or potentially a bearish trend continuation to the downside. I personally remain neutral until next weeks analysis, but where are y'all redditraders heading? Shorts or longjohns? (I love trouser based forex puns)
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Making money through online forex trading Living with ...

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